Plugin Development

Check out Slice4D V2
The popular Slice4D has been upgraded to Slice4D V2.

It is now a fully supported version with following added functionality:
• Gizmo object to control slicing.
• Position, Scale and Rotate Gizmo to fully control slicing.
• Real time update when changing Gizmo or parameters.
• All parameters can be animated.
• Phong Tag control.
• Online manual and support.

Plugins4D has joined forces with The Great Summit.
All content of this website is moved to the thegreatsummit website.
So please visit the thegreatsummit website for your plugin development and
free and commercial plugins.


Everybody thanks for your support.
– FPS Timer was downloaded over 150 times.
– AniSplines was downloaded more than 650 times.
– Slice4D was downloaded more that 2800 times!